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EastEnders spoilers: Gina Knight chilled to the bone after Amy Mitchell’s warning about Dean Wicks

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Gina was left with a lot to think about after Amy’s warning (Picture: BBC)

Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) left the Queen Vic punters horrified in recent EastEnders scenes when he revealed his relationship with Gina Knight (Francesca Henry).

However, his declaration didn’t go exactly as he’d planned, as furious Gina stormed out of the pub, shortly after insisting to her shocked family that she didn’t need their approval.

Soon, an intense argument ensued between Dean and Gina, who had made it clear on numerous occasions that she wasn’t ready to make their relationship public knowledge.

However, after Dean had lamented about how difficult things were for him and revealed to Gina that he hated having to hide his feelings for her, she agreed to go public with their relationship.

To celebrate, the pair headed to McClunky’s, where they were met with a frosty reception, particularly from Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd).

Amy’s mum, Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons), was in a relationship with Dean back in 2015 but was left traumatised after he attempted to rape her, months after his attack on Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

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Amy, who remembered living with Dean during that time, couldn’t hide her disgust at Gina, and soon confronted her when Dean stepped outside to take a phone call.

She was quick to question how Gina could even go near him, but Gina deflected by arguing that there were two sides to every story.

Amy looking angry in McClunky's while sat with Avani and Nugget in EastEnders
Amy was disgusted by Dean and Gina (Picture: BBC)

This understandably infuriated Amy, and she soon pointed out that Dean would be unlikely to tell Gina the truth about what really happened.

She was quick to stand up for her mum, explaining how strong-willed she was and pointing out how similar Gina and Roxy were.

Amy revealed how she remembered her mum changing when she was around Dean, and argued that he ruined people’s lives because he was a rapist.

Though Gina retorted that things weren’t that simple, it was clear that Amy’s words had got her thinking.

Later, when Gina returned to the Queen Vic wearing Dean’s jumper, it left mum Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) furious.

George Knight (Colin Salmon) promised to handle the situation and soon warned a besotted Gina to be careful.

Meanwhile, Cindy took matters into her own hands by paying Dean a visit and offered him £60,000 to leave Albert Square, and Gina, for good.

Will Gina change her mind about Dean after Amy’s chilling warning, or will Dean take Cindy’s offer?


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