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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Sam told to leave after exposing Phil’s affair

The Mitchell family want her gone

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EastEnders comp image: Sam and Phil Mitchell

EastEnders spoilers tonight reveal Sam Mitchell is public enemy number one after her performance in The Vic last night. But will Sam leave Walford for good after being rejected by everyone?

Meanwhile, Phil desperately tries to win Kat round, but will she listen?

Here’s what’s coming up in tonight’s EastEnders spoilers.

Phil and Kat look at each other seriously in EastEnders
Can Phil convince Kat it meant nothing? (Credit: BBC)

Kat left devastated in EastEnders spoilers

Last night (Wednesday January 18) Sam decided to teach brother Phil a lesson. Even though he had given in to her blackmail demands and given her £33k to keep her mouth shut about his fling with Emma, Phil had also laid into her.

He told her she was worthless and Sam wanted to hit back where it hurt. So at Phil and Kat’s karaoke party in The Vic, Sam got up to sing her song, but then told the audience she actually wasn’t going to flex her vocal chords, instead she was going to give a speech.

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Sam then proceeded to out Phil’s night with Emma to Kat and the stunned crowd.

Tonight Kat is reeling from Sam’s claims. Phil tries to talk her round, but who will Kat believe? And will she forgive her husband?

Is Sam leaving EastEnders? (Credit: BBC)

Does Sam leave EastEnders?

Meanwhile, Sam is met with utter contempt for her actions. Ben, Jean and Phil tell her to leave the pub after the damage she’s caused.

Sam heads to No.27 for moral support from Jack and Ricky. But it’s not long before she burns her bridges there and fuming Jack orders her to leave again.

Ricky, however, is slightly more forgiving and runs after her. He breaks up an argument between her and Phil out in the street.

With Phil furious and in an very unforgiving mood, Ricky stands up for his mum. But is he misguided in his belief in her? Is Sam planning to do a runner again?

With Sam having totally alienated herself from the entire Square again, is there anything left for her to stay for? Is Sam leaving EastEnders?

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