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EastEnders: Stacey to get pregnant with Jack’s baby, a new fan theory predicts

Denise would never forgive him for this

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EastEnders' Jack, Stacey, the background of the Thames

his week on EastEnders, Jack and Stacey have been carrying on seeing each other whilst Denise is distracted by her thoughts of Keanu.

Jack’s been sleeping with Stacey and then lying about what he was doing to throw Denise off the scent.

Now, some fans think that this affair storyline will soon result in a pregnancy for Stacey.

EastEnders' Jack and Stacey are in bed together
Jack and Stacey slept together (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Jack cheated on Denise with Stacey

Before Christmas, Jack cheated on Denise with Stacey. He confessed he’d been with another woman but pretended that it was someone she didn’t know.

However, Denise then saw Jack and Stacey interact and pieced everything together, working it all out.

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As Denise and Jack tried to save their marriage, Denise started to pull herself further away from her husband.

With Keanu’s murder and Nish’s attack playing on her mind, Jack didn’t know how to help her.

Due to this, this week saw Jack and Stacey kiss again. They then both slept together, with Jack lying about where he’d actually been to Denise.

Could Stacey and Jack’s affair get more serious? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Stacey to discover she has a bun in the oven?

With Jack and Stacey seeing each other more often, fans have now predicted that things could soon escalate even further for the pair.

A new fan theory suggests that Stacey will soon find out that she’s expecting Jack’s baby.

One person predicted: “Stacey pregnant. That’s the next story. You know it! Lol.”

Another added to this idea: “I was rooting for the Fox-Brannings but Denise deserves better than Jack. Watch Stacey get pregnant next.”

A third person ended: “If Stacey gets pregnant I swear [bleep] I will never watch this show ever again… but I love Jacey…”

Things could get rather tricky (Credit: BBC)

Is a pregnancy storyline in the works for Stacey and Jack?

If Stacey gets pregnant with Jack’s baby, then surely that’s Denise and Jack over for good.

There’s already one baby in the Slater household, but could another one be on its way?

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