EastEnders spoilers: Nadine rocked by devastating death news

Jay and Nadine meet again in EastEnders
Nadine is a sex worker (Picture: BBC)

Jay Brown’s (Jamie Borthwick) new friend Nadine (Jazzy Phoenix) learnt more about Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) in Monday’s (October 9) episode of EastEnders.

Nadine is a sex worker and connected with Jay shortly after Lola’s death. The grieving husband told Nadine that he wasn’t ready to engage in anything sexual, but has been paying to sleep in the same bed as her.

Jay returning home late has started to annoy Ben (Max Bowden) due to him not being around for Lexi (Isabella Brown). In tonight’s instalment of the BBC One soap, Ben set about confronting Jay and wondered why he spent the night elsewhere.


While Jay pointed out that he wasn’t seeing another woman, Callum (Tony Clay) had found Nadine and decided to speak to her about his friend.

Over a drink, Callum told Nadine that Jay is seriously struggling after his wife’s death.

Jay on his phone in EastEnders
Jay is struggling (Picture: BBC)

The look on Nadine’s face said it all. She was under the impression that Jay and Lola simply went through a bad breakup and had no idea of the truth.

Callum argued that Nadine letting Jay pay her isn’t right, and the set-up they have currently will end up being incredibly harmful to him.

That evening, Jay returned to Nadine’s flat and admitted that he knows he should be at home with Lexi, but being constantly reminded of Lola in Walford makes him unable to switch off and get some sleep.

Callum and Jay confrontation in EastEnders
Callum tried to tell Jay that he needed to stop seeing Nadine (Picture: BBC)

Attention then turned to the small packet of drugs Jay had found in Nadine’s bedroom that morning. He said that taking the drugs will make him more relaxed and able to be at home, but Nadine warned him it’ll negatively impact his health as well.

‘Just this once’, Jay said, as Nadine grabbed the packet from a drawer.

But as this beloved character continues to spiral, will he reach for the drugs again?

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