EastEnders spoilers: Vengeful Cindy has Kathy arrested as Peter’s life hangs in the balance

Kathy looking shocked in EastEnders
Police came to arrest Kathy (Picture: BBC)

Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) is on the warpath in EastEnders after son Peter (Thomas Law) fell victim to the café fire.

Peter has been left fighting for his life in hospital after running into the burning building to save younger brother Bobby (Clay Milner Russell).

With Bobby having recovered and Cindy’s beloved son still on a ventilator, she was desperate for someone to blame, and soon it was Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) that fell victim to her spite.

When Cindy snapped at Bobby, Kathy stepped in to defend him, revealing that if she wanted to blame anyone then it should be her, as she had failed to bring in an electrician to fix the café’s dodgy electrics.

Of course, viewers will know that none of this is actually Kathy’s fault at all, with Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) having been the one to deliberately start the blaze.

Having found himself in some serious debt, Rocky saw no way out of his problem except setting fire to the café and putting in an insurance claim.

However, he failed to mention this to anyone else, and so Kathy was left to face Cindy’s sharp tongue.

She apologised profusely for the damage she believed she had caused, but Cindy remained furious.

Cindy looking devastated while talking to George in EastEnders
Cindy swore that she would get revenge (Picture: BBC)

Desperate for someone to take accountability for Peter’s condition, she stormed off home, where she soon sought the advice and comfort of ex-husband George Knight (Colin Salmon).

When George insisted that she was being too harsh, Cindy revealed that she was determined to make Kathy pay, and it soon became clear just how far she was prepared to go.

Outside the café, a fire inspector was packing up after completing his investigation, though Cindy was quick to stop him to reveal that she had information that may be of use.

Back at the hospital, Cindy seemed much calmer when Kathy arrived, and it soon became clear exactly why.

As two police officers arrived, they announced that they were arresting Kathy for ‘criminal damage by fire where life was endangered’. Try saying that five times.

With Kathy set to face the long arm of the law, will Rocky come clean about his involvement, or let Kathy take the blame?

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