EastEnders spoilers tonight: Suki exacts her revenge on Nish

Nish is in trouble

Suki looking angry on EastEnders; inset, Nish looks worried (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

The EastEnders spoilers for tonight (Wednesday, December 20), reveal that Suki Panesar takes her revenge on husband Nish.

Meanwhile, Denise reels following her discovery of Jack and Stacey’s affair. Then, as Billy and Alfie celebrate their success, Sharon and Keanu also celebrate.

Elsewhere, Dean receives some good news, just as Jack breaks the bad news to Stacey.

Read our EastEnders spoilers tonight in full below.

Suki is determined to take her revenge on Nish (Credit: BBC)

Suki plots her revenge

After learning that Nish is behind Eve’s disappearance, Suki puts a plan into action. She asks Vinny to stay out for the evening so that she can spend some alone time with Nish.

But, what does she have planned?

Suki and Nish sitting together on EastEnders
Will Suki have her revenge? (Credit: BBC)

Stacey bursts in on Suki whilst she’s preparing a meal for her and Nish. She tries to dissuade Suki from doing anything stupid.

Stacey leaves as Nish arrives home, ready for his dinner.

Will Suki go through with her revenge plan?

Denise looking sad on EastEnders
Is this the end of the road for Denise and Jack? (Credit: BBC)

Denise comes to a decision

Denise reels at her discovery of Jack and Stacey’s affair. She goes to see Kim, who insists that she needs to divorce Jack, with their marriage being over.

What will Denise do next?

Denise confronts Jack on EastEnders
Denise confronts Jack (Credit: BBC)

Jack breaks the news

Jack tells a horrified Stacey that Nish and Ravi have both been arrested for Eve’s murder. How will she react to the news?

Billy, Alfie and Dean on EastEnders
Business is good for Billy and Alfie (Credit: BBC)

Billy and Alfie celebrate their success

Billy and Alfie’s sales of the cufflinks are a roaring success. But do they have a nasty shock in store?

Dean and Gina on EastEnders
Dean gets some news (Credit: BBC)

Dean gets a call

While with Gina, Dean gets a call from the hospital about a transplant for Jade. As Dean reels in shock, Gina congratulates him on the good news.

Dean on the phone in EastEnders
Is it good news for Dean? (Credit: BBC)

Sharon and Keanu make progress

With Keanu’s name finally on Albie’s birth certificate, Sharon and Keanu head to The Vic to celebrate.

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