EastEnders spoilers: Sharon fears losing Albie after Dennis’ death amid terrifying health news

Sharon is left with food for thought in EastEnders
It’s a huge development (Picture: BBC)

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) gets some upsetting news about Albie in upcoming EastEnders episodes, so soon after the death of her son Dennis.

Dennis died during the boat party on the Thames back in 2020. He drowned despite Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) best efforts to save him from the sinking boat.

Even though it looked like Ian might leave Dennis to die after he dropped the keys to Denny’s freedom in the flooded hallway, Ian eventually did free the teen.

However, it seemed fate was not on Dennis’ side, as he still ended up drowning in the Thames.

Sharon was reminded of the devastating loss recently, when Albie went missing as part of a kidnap plan Keanu (Danny Walters) and Karen (Lorraine Stanley) were involved in.

While the little lad is now back home, Sharon and Keanu won’t have much time to focus on a happier future, as they head to the hospital about Albie’s recent tests.

Sharon receives a text message while Linda watches in EastEnders
Sharon faced a stressful ordeal recently when Albie went missing (Picture: BBC)

Prior to this, Sharon agrees to let Keanu collect Albie from pre-school and when they return to Number 45, Sharon asks her partner to propose again so she can accept.

Sharon and Keanu are only allowed to briefly celebrate their engagement, as Sharon receives a phone call from the hospital requesting an urgent appointment about her son.

Once Keanu eventually arrives, he sits with Sharon as they receive some major news.

Struggling in the aftermath, Sharon lashes out at Keanu in the pub for continuing with their engagement drinks before Zack (James Farrar) finds her on Denny’s bench where she tearfully reveals all.

But what is wrong with Albie?

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