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Real life of EastEnders’ Dorian Gates – A-list Hollywood roles and shock twist

EastEnders' Dorian Gates has only been in Albert Square for five minutes but he's already caused quite a stir, and some fans fear his flirtation with one icon could lead to a shock twist

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Boxing promoter Dorian Gates (Luke JI Smith) has already made quite an impression on Albert Square residents since turning up to The Boxing Den to promote his fighters. Although Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) certainly hasn’t been too impressed by what he perceives as Dorian’s interference, there’s one EastEnders icon who appears to have taken a bit of a shine to him.

In an attempt to keep the peace, The Boxing Den co-owner Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) invited Dorian out for a drink, and soon the pair were getting on like a house on fire. Alarm bells started ringing for some viewers however after flirty Dorian made the newly heartbroken Sharon a very tempting offer.

However, while some fans were puzzling out where exactly this new friendship could be heading, others couldn’t help but wonder where they’d seen Dorian before, with actor Luke having appeared in a few Hollywood movies before joining the soap.

Dorian (LUKE J I SMITH);Sharon Watts (LETITIA DEAN)

Dorian appears to have taken a shine to Sharon 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

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Fears over potential shock exit for EastEnders favourite

Many viewers simply couldn’t imagine EastEnders without long-standing Walford resident Sharon at the heart of the action, and now fear she could be off to pastures new following an intriguing conversation with charming newcomer Dorian. Over a friendly pint in the Queen Vic, Dorian floated the idea of Sharon moving to Abu Dhabi to run her “own multi-gym empire”.

In response to this exciting suggestion, Sharon considered: “Once upon a time, but being a mum is more important to me now.” Not letting the matter drop, persuasive Dorian replied: “My two were toddlers when I started managing my own gym – in Abu Dhabi. I took them with me, didn’t I? It’s made for kids. Outdoor life, perfect weather. You know a few years out there, you could set you and your boy up for life. They’re begging for gym managers.”

Sharon, who of course returned to the East End after living on a ranch in America for some years, said: “What me? Up sticks and move to the other side of the world. I’ve been there and done that.” Dorian however appeared to think there was a chance of convincing her, remarking, “Never say never…”

Speaking with the Radio Times and other publications, actor Letitia reflected on Sharon’s current mindset following her painful break-up with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), which could well prompt her to seek a fresh start elsewhere. Letitia said: “Dorian offers Sharon the chance to move to Abu Dhabi to set up shop in a new gym. It would obviously be a huge change for Sharon as Walford is her home, but with her relationship in tatters, I don’t think she feels like there’s much left to keep her there. It would be a great business move for her, and would offer security for Albie’s future so it’s very tempting.”

She added: “It would also make the breakup a lot easier if there were thousands of miles between them instead of living just across the Square from each other. Plus I think she’d be pleased to see the back of Karen for a while!”



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A-list Hollywood roles

Movie buffs may well recall seeing Dorian actor Luke elsewhere, with the thespian having made appearances in various Hollywood films, including Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023), A Beautiful Debt (2022), and Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022). Acting aside, multi-talented Luke is also a film writer, producer, director, and stunt performer, according to his Instagram page, which also details his previous experience as an ex-cage fighting champion.

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