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EastEnders viewers call out revolting Keanu body blunder as Suki hits brakes on cafe renovation

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EASTENDERS viewers were left disgusted by a blunder involving Keanu’s body in the aftermath of his murder.

The soap’s Christmas day special saw the mechanic killed by Linda Carter in an act of defense as she stabbed him to stop his attack on Sharon Watts.

Suki was left scrambling to stop builders from finding Keanu's body

Suki was left scrambling to stop builders from finding Keanu’s bodyCredit: BBC
Viewers noticed something wrong with the scene

Viewers noticed something wrong with the sceneCredit: BBC

Six key Walford women teamed up together to keep the killing under wraps, wrapping Keanu’s body in a tarpaulin and hiding it in the café.

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Linda thought it would be safe from discovery there as the eatery had been closed since burning down in November.

However, in the most recent episode of the BBC programme, she got a fright when builders arrived at the site to start reconstruction.

Kathy managed to distract the workers by offering them a free breakfast, which got them away from the crime scene in the nick of time.

As she led them off Suki promised she would take care of the situation.

However, viewers have pointed out that Keanu’s body should have started decomposing by now, which means anyone passing by the rubble of the café would be able to smell him.

They hit out at the EastEnders hiding place making no sense on social media.

One person exclaimed: “I can’t figure out why nobody is complaining about the smell by now, it’s got to really whiff!”

Another agreed: “It takes about 3-10 days for a human body to decompose. The smell must be overwhelming.”

A third incredulous watcher wrote: “So, let me get this straight. There is a dead body in the café, been there 2 weeks in a 3 foot hole with a table and chairs thrown on top of him, and no one can smell it yet??”

Someone else mused: “They need to go buy Febreze now to cover the decomposing flesh smell in the café… although I’m not certain that’ll work.”

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