EastEnders viewers ‘solve’ Christmas Day murder after cryptic Denise quote

EastEnders fans are certain that Denise will turn out to be the killer on Christmas Day after the latest episode of the soap saw her give a chilling threat to cheating hubby Jack

EastEnders fans believe Denise Fox could end up being the Christmas Day killer.

Viewers know that at least one unidentified male will die in The Vic on Christmas Day, with either Denise (Diane Parish), Stacey (Lacey Turner), Suki (Balvinder Sopal), Sharon (Letitia Dean), Linda (Kellie Bright) or Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) tipped to be the murderer.

During Monday’s episode (December 18) of the BBC soap, Jack (Scott Maslen) dropped the bombshell on Denise that’d he’d been unfaithful. When it looked as though Denise was willing to try and work on things, she found a necklace belonging to the mystery woman at the bottom of the stairs.

Demanding Jack reveal who he slept with, he claimed it was a stranger. As Jack begged Denise to fight for their family, she issued a chilling threat which caused speculation amongst fans.

(Image: BBC)
She said: “Nothing’s fixed. I’m here for Christmas and for the kids.” Aggressively gripping Jack’s hand, Denise added: “But if you betray me again, I honestly don’t know what I’ll do.” At the end of the episode, Jack met Stacey out the back of his house to return her necklace.

They agreed not to confess to sleeping each other, unaware that Denise was watching from Amy’s bedroom window. As she pieced everything together, fans raced to social media to theorise that Denise could be the killer with Jack as her victim.

(Image: BBC)

One wrote: “Denise : Betray me again I honestly don’t know what I will do. DENISE ‘S KILLER THREAT!!!!” A second speculated: “I’m telling you guys, the blood on Stacey’s hands is from Denise attacking her with the bottle (or Denise attacking Jack with the bottle, and Stacey trying to stop her).”

Someone else agreed: “Denise was kinda giving Christmas killer in tonight’s episode idk.” Another echoed: “Denise watching patiently from the upstairs window, ready to make her man pay in exactly one week.” A fifth chipped in: “After tonight’s ep stacey and denise could both end up killing jack.”

Penny will return to Walford after Christmas
Penny will return to Walford after Christmas (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Jack’s daughter Penny is set to return to Walford after Christmas and several fans believe actress Kitty Castledine has confirmed Jack as the victim. Kitty has followed several members of the cast on social media, including her on-screen sister Ellie Dadd, Shane Richie, Shona McGarty and Natalie Cassidy, but has opted against following Scott.

A viewer wrote: “It’s interesting that the actress that plays Penny doesn’t follow the actor that plays Jack and vice versa. She follows a few of the people in EastEnders who it looks like she will have done scenes with.”

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