Eddie and Gloria’s dark secret revealed but there’s another much worse to come

Eddie and Gloria looking at each other in the Queen Vic in EastEnders
Eddie and Gloria are hiding something even bigger (Picture: BBC)

In EastEnders, Eddie (Christopher Fairbank) and Gloria Knight (Elizabeth Counsell) recently arrived in Walford and left George Knight (Colin Salmon) in a state of shock after revealing the truth surrounding his adoption.

Gloria dropped the bombshell that she and Eddie had been paid to take George in as a baby, and after further research of his own, George realised that his adoption had come about after a process known as child farming.

However, George’s research showed that farming was usually just a fostering arrangement, whereas he had been adopted, and it was mainly parents of African origin that were involved.

With George having been led to believe that he was of Jamaican origin, he struggled to see how this could have happened to him – and soon sought answers from mum Gloria.

When questioned, Gloria admitted that she had lied about his heritage, and revealed that George’s birth parents had come from Ghana.

As George questioned his adoption, Gloria explained that it began as a fostering arrangement, but after a while they stopped receiving money from George’s birth parents before ultimately losing contact with them altogether.

George and Gloria talking at the kitchen table in EastEnders
Gloria answered some of George’s questions (Picture: BBC)

Because of this, Gloria and Eddie ended up officially adopting him.

George was clearly devastated by this discovery, though Gloria was quick to assure him that he had always been loved, by both them and his birth parents.

It then came time for Gloria and Eddie to leave, and it instantly became clear that Gloria hadn’t told the full truth.

When Eddie asked what she had told George, she said that she had stuck to what they’d agreed.

Eddie seemed relieved, and pointed out that George didn’t need to know the rest.

What exactly are Eddie and Gloria hiding, and will George ever find out?

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