Guy in new drama was a major EastEnders villain many years ago

Craig Fairbrass
Craig Fairbrass is one of the stars in BBC’s latest drama Boat Story (Picture BBC)

Viewers have been gripped by the latest BBC drama Boat Story, and one person is serving as a familiar face for EastEnders fans.

The series follows two strangers, played by Daisy Haggard and Paterson Joseph, who discover a mass of illegal drugs on a boat that’s washed up on shore.

They decide to team up in the hope of scoring their fortune after being down on their luck… but then, they end up having the mob and the police to contend with.

In the new show, actor Craig, 59, plays henchman Guy, who works for The Tailor and is given the task retrieving the lost shipment of illegal drugs.

However, fans remember the actor as notorious ‘hardman’ Danny Sullivan on the BBC soap.

Dan came to the Square originally as the boyfriend of Carol Jackson (Lindsay Coulson), before it was revealed that he’d previously had an affair with her daughter Bianca (Patsy Palmer) – which he then rekindled.

Dan Sullivan EastEnders

Craig played Dan Sullivan in the early noughties (Picture: BBC)

The character played a huge role in the Who Shot Phil Mitchell storyline, which aired way back in 2001.

Altogether Craig appeared in 137 episodes as Dan, and when last heard of the character was living in Spain – so in theory could return at any time.

When the truth was revealed and Carol and Bianca departed Albert Square, Dan was left on his own and decided to buy Grant’s (Ross Kemp) share of the pub – for a fiver!

Quick spoiler, Dan didn’t actually shoot Phil Mitchell in 2001.

It was Lisa – Phil’s ex and Louise’s (Tilly Keeper) mum. The moment where Lisa was revealed as the shooter was watched by 22 million people!

The 59-year-old, has appeared in a variety of films since his role in EastEnders including voicing characters in video games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

He’s also appeared in Hijacked and played Pat Tate in the Rise of the Footsoldier film series.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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