EastEnders fans spot proof Jay Brown is alive after actor Jamie Borthwick revealed he’d quit the soap

The fate of Jay Brown is hanging in the balance.

SOAP viewers have been sent into a frenzy after fan favourite Jay Brown was caught up in a devastating car crash.

EastEnders actor Jamie Borthwick added fuel to the fire with an Instagram post but his followers have seen right through him.

Jay Brown has been left in a critical condition
Jay Brown has been left in a critical conditionCredit: BBC
He was involved in a drug-fuelled car accident
He was involved in a drug-fuelled car accidentCredit: BBC
He has been struggling to cope with Lola's death
He has been struggling to cope with Lola’s deathCredit: BBC

The car salesman was left distraught by the death of his wife Lola Pearce earlier this year.

After months of trying to cope with his new routine, which includes raising Lola’s daughter Lexi, Jay Brown fell apart and turned to newcomer and prostitute Nadine Keller.

But despite bearing an uncanny resemblance to the late hairstylist, Nadine was carrying a lot of trouble with her – and a handful of drugs she handed over to Jay.

Once his loved ones figured out he was hooked on ketamine Nadine had been supplying him with, Jay was shunned and took the wheel.

In a devastating twist, Jay was involved in a car crash and brought to hospital with his life on the line.

BBC One viewers have since been terrified for Jay’s fate as he remains in a critical condition and could be killed off.

However, users of a Digital Spy forum have put their heads together as they claimed to have spotted several hints Jamie will be a part of future scenes.

To top it all off, Jamie’s on-screen alter ego is set to be involved in the upcoming festive season in Walford.

A recent story posted on Instagram by Ben Mitchell actor Max Bowden showed Jamie Borthwick alongside Perry Fenwick, Tony Clay and Shane Richie on the set of the London-based program, which included Christmas decorations.

Shane Richie has recently taken a break from filming after his character, Alfie Moon, encountered a cancer scare.

His presence in Max Bowden’s story heavily implies that he’d be back just in time to celebrate Christmas at the end of the year, much like Jamie Borthwick.

“He’s in spoilers for future episodes and been seen in backstage photos filming for Christmas”, one of them notably penned as another agreed: “He was clearly joking.”


A drug-fuelled Jay Brown returned home from another binge and grappled with Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) over Lola’s ashes as they’d made plans to scatter them later in the day.

As Jay insisted on scattering them, tension only grew and led to heartbreak as they were dropped on the flat floor.

The tear-jerking moment was made worse when little Lexi walked into see her mother’s remains on the ground.

Jay rushed out of the home, determined to commemorate Lola in his own way and, despite Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) trying to stop him, he drove off.

The police later arrived in Albert Square with news about Jay being in a car accident.

In a now deleted social media post, soap star Jamie Borthwick played with the nerves of many fans as he appeared to confirm his exit from EastEnders.

“Rip Jay”, he wrote in a recent Instagram story with the song Time To Say Goodbye playing in the background, “gonna miss you lad we had a laugh didn’t we.”

Was he playing tricks on his fans?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Jamie was caught filming Christmas scenes, implying his character isn't set to leave any time soon
Jamie was caught filming Christmas scenes, implying his character isn’t set to leave any time soonCredit: Instagram
Lexi found out what Jay was up to
Lexi found out what Jay was up toCredit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
And he was shunned by his family
And he was shunned by his familyCredit: BBC
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