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EastEnders fans work out string of devastating deaths as fire wrecks Kathy Beale’s café

Viewers have rumbled a total of three casualties - are they on to something?

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LAST night’s trip to Albert Square ended in catastrophe as Kathy Beale’s café was set on fire.

EastEnders viewers are convinced three characters are likely severely injured or even at death’s door following the blaze.

Rocky Cotton set his wife's café on fire

Rocky Cotton set his wife’s café on fireCredit: BBC
But this led to Bobby and Peter Beale being trapped in the blaze

But this led to Bobby and Peter Beale being trapped in the blazeCredit: BBC
And soap fans have predicted disaster and death in the aftermath of the fire

And soap fans have predicted disaster and death in the aftermath of the fireCredit: BBC ONE

Rocky Cotton will struggle to get himself out of the firing line after setting his wife Kathy’s café ablaze during last night’s instalment of the BBC One soap.

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The schemer portrayed by Brian Conley has grown increasingly worried about his finances and his safety as he owes Nish Panesar money.

Ready to stoop to any low to pay off the treacherous loan shark, Rocky set fire to his wife’s establishment in the hopes of getting his hands on the insurance money.

Sadly, in doing so, he unknowingly left two lives hanging in the balance and viewers of the London-based drama are convinced his actio

As the fire initially began to spread, Kathy’s grandson Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) popped out of his home to grab snacks from the Minute Mart for him and his half-brother Peter (Thomas Law).

This led him to spot flames inside the café and he bravely went in to extinguish the fire, unaware the gas cooker had been left on.

Bobby flipped a fuse in the fuse box before a huge explosion engulfed the café.

Walford residents soon caught up with the disaster, realising Bobby was trapped inside.

Once he figured out what was going on, Peter tried to save his brother’s life with Rocky’s help but the tree men ended up trapped inside the café while a frantic Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) waited outside.

Rocky, Bobby and Peter were all pulled out but while the con artist regained consciousness, both lads were taken into intensive care.

Horrified viewers took to X, speculating the worst was yet to come as they feared Peter could succumb to his injuries.

“Have a horrible feeling that Peter might die. Hope this doesn’t happen though. Lauren has already lost Abi she can’t lose Peter too”, one of them penned, in reference to Lauren Branning who is due for her own comeback in the Square.

Another agreed: “Peter on ventilation chai he’s as good as dead. No word on Bobby yet. Serious blood on Rocky’s hands.”

“If Peter or Bobby die, I will riot”, a third soap fan threatened.

“Wait… all the spoilers say Cindy is heartbroken after the fire, what if Peter dies saving Bobby?”, one viewer theorised.

A handful of fans thought differently, believing both Peter and Bobby will survive the fire but Rocky would die in the fallout and as a result of his overwhelming guilt.

“I think Rocky dies”, one fan wrote as another echoed: “So I’m guessing the twist is that both boys pull through and Rocky doesn’t. Real shame; Rocky pre-gambling nonsense was terrific.”

“I wonder whether after he gets discharged from hospital he has heart attack thinking he has killed Bobby or Peter”, one viewer continued.

One viewer jumped in: “Rocky is leaving so maybe does have a injury that takes him.”

Rocky has had heart issues in the past, meaning it wouldn’t be far-fetched for him to have another attack, which could turn out to be fatal.

As regular viewers will recall, Rocky and Kathy have been in financial turmoil since paying his former wife Jo off to keep her silent about his bigamy.

Actor Brian Conley is due to leave the long-running show in upcoming weeks but could he be killed off?

Spoilers for next week have recently confirmed that his wife Kathy would be getting cuffed and carted away by the police as they investigate the circumstances around the café fire.

But Rocky’s pal Harvey Monroe knew all about his plan and even tried to talk him out of it – could he turn him in to the authorities?

Who will survive the fire?

Could they have life-changing injuries?

Only time will tell.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

An explosion engulfed the café

An explosion engulfed the caféCredit: BBC
Could one resident grass on Rocky?

Could one resident grass on Rocky?Credit: BBC

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