EastEnders is not on tonight – but soap will air an extra episode on Friday

Fans will have to wait a whole day to catch up with the Walford action

EastEnders comp image: Phil, Sharon and Kat

The BBC will now show EastEnders tonight (Tuesday December 5). Instead they will air an extra episode later in the week to catch up.

Fans were left on tenterhooks after Phil discovered Keanu and Karen were behind the kidnap of Albie. But we won’t find out what he does with that information until Wednesday.

So when is EastEnders on this week?

Kat looks upset on EastEnders
Kat wants answers as well as Phil (Credit: BBC)

Is EastEnders on tonight?

EastEnders will not air on BBC One on Tuesday December 5. It also hasn’t been put on iPlayer.

This is due to football. England’s Lionesses are taking on Scotland at Hampden Park. It’s part of the UEAFA Women’s Nations League and the Scottish side will be hoping for revenge after England beat them at Sunderland earlier this year.

Coverage of the sporting event will start at 7.30pm and kick off is at 7.45pm.

But it means EastEnders has been moved.

Tommy on EastEnders, searching Karen's house
Tommy’s the one who gets the proof (Credit: BBC)

When is EastEnders on BBC One and iPlayer this week?

The soap aired its Monday (December 4) episode as normal. However, a post on their social media yesterday revealed the next episode will air at 7.30pm on Wednesday, followed by 7.30pm on Thursday and again at 7.30pm on Friday.

The episodes will be released early on iPlayer every day – from Wednesday through to Friday, at 6am.

Sharon confronts Keanu on EastEnders
Sharon can’t believe what she’s hearing (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders this week

Last night Phil got proof that Keanu and Karen were behind the kidnap of Albie. He wants to track down the rest of the money to prove it once and for all.

Phil goes to the flat, but Felix won’t let him in, so he sends Tommy over instead. He finds the money hidden under Karen’s bed.

As Sharon announces she and Keanu will wed on Christmas Day and hold their wedding reception in The Vic, Phil bursts in. He tells her that Karen and Keanu staged the kidnap for money. How will Keanu talk his way out of this one?

Meanwhile, Jack is desperate to get Denise back onside, but when she discovers Dean is back and Jack didn’t tell her, she’s furious again. Jack once again turns to Stacey for support, their connection deepening…

Later in the week Denise and Jack finally reconcile, but it’s clear their truce is an uneasy one.

Elsewhere, Elaine and Yolande are at war over the choir. The battle lines are drawn between the women as Elaine tries to take over.

Also Sonia and Reiss are preparing for their next stage of IVF when Reiss gets a call to say Debbie has an infection. As he heads to her bedside, Sonia is left upset and worried about their future IVF chances. She comforts Reiss after a difficult night where he sits at Debbie’s bedside, but is she hiding her true feelings from him?

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