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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon baby loss scare, café fire horror and Bobby death fears

Sharon scrambles to get £50,000 together in exchange for baby Albie. Meanwhile Rocky sets fire to the café as Bobby's life hangs in the balance as he tries to stop the blaze

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The drama escalates on EastEnders next week as the hunt for Albie continues and Rocky sets fire to the cafe.

Sharon conceals the £50,000 ransom note from the police but later reveals all to Phil and Kat, who agree to lend her the money to pay Albie’s “kidnapper”. Phil insists on going with Keanu to drop the money off and he panics as his actions are about to be exposed.

Meanwhile, Rocky is desperate to find the funds to pay back his loan and later reveals to Harvey that he plans to set fire to the cafe and claim money on insurance. Later, he tampers with the electrics and manages to start a fire.

A panicked Bobby sees the blaze inside the café and attempts to extinguish it. But as he’s doing so, it explodes and traps an unconscious Bobby inside.

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