EastEnders spoilers: Sharon makes huge discovery about Albie’s kidnapper

Sharon cuddling Albie's dinosaur teddy in EastEnders
Sharon made a shocking discovery (Picture: BBC)

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) is living through every mother’s worst nightmare in EastEnders, having been led to believe that son Albie has been kidnapped.

Last week, Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) told Sharon that he had turned his back on their son for a second in the park and found that he had disappeared by the time he got back.

Of course, viewers will know that this was a lie, and was the result of Keanu’s plan to take Albie out of the country going wrong.

In tonight’s (November 6) instalment of the BBC soap, Sharon was beside herself with worry as she tried to gather up the £50,000 the supposed kidnapper had asked for in a ransom note posted through Sharon’s door.

When the police paid a visit to the house again, Sharon kept the ransom note a secret, and listened as they asked her to do a press conference to appeal to Albie’s kidnappers.

This left Keanu rattled, terrified that by how out of control his plan had become.

Though Sharon agreed to the press conference, she was still convinced that she knew who was behind Albie’s abduction, and had soon arranged to meet Dorian with Keanu.

The pair met with the boxing promoter at Boxing Den, who protested his innocence, urging them to see that it wasn’t him behind the kidnapping.

Sharon holding a newspaper with an article about Boxing Den with a picture of her and Albie in EastEnders
Sharon realised that anyone could have taken Albie (Picture: BBC)

Convinced by Dorian, distraught Sharon returned home, where Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) presented her with a newspaper article that had been sat on her coffee table.

The article contained a picture of Sharon and Albie, and celebrated her success at the Boxing Den, and Sharon soon came to a horrifying realisation.

Looking at the article, she realised that anybody could have seen her ‘flaunting her money’ in the piece and taken Albie because of it.

Things soon took another shocking turn as Keanu discovered another ransom note, which had been dropped off by Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) earlier in the day.

The note detailed a time and place for them to meet, and confirmed that Albie was still alive.

With Sharon’s finances nowhere near close enough to covering the ransom, Phil agreed to lend her the money, and made it clear that he wanted to be the one to do the drop, in order to make the kidnapper pay.

However, Keanu, knowing that Albie hadn’t really been kidnapped, was even more keen to be the one to do the exchange, in order to keep the pretence going.

In the end, Sharon decided that they should both go, instructing Keanu to collect Albie and leave Phil to deal with the kidnapper.

With Sharon’s word having settled everything, will Keanu be caught out?

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