EastEnders confirms devastating accident for Jay Brown

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders is lining up a devastating twist in Jay Brown’s dark story.

Jay will be involved in a shocking accident in next week’s scenes, after coming to blows with those closest to him over his recent behaviour.

When Jay wakes up after a night filled with booze and drugs, Billy quickly senses something is wrong.

Jay confesses to taking drugs but he keeps quiet about what’s been going on with Nadine.

Billy is heartbroken by Jay’s turmoil and attempts to rally the family together for a meeting in The Vic.

Unfortunately, things soon go from bad to worse when Ben reveals all about Jay and Nadine, unaware that Lexi is listening.

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Lexi is left devastated over what she’s heard and abruptly leaves the pub.

Back at home, Jay desperately tries to make amends but Ben and Callum shut him out, wanting to protect Lexi.

At his lowest ebb, Jay gets a dealer’s number from Ravi and picks up more drugs.

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Gina finds him at the car lot, where she confiscates the drugs and offers him a bed for the night at The Vic.

As they talk, Gina convinces Jay to head home and make amends with Lexi.

Jay tries to act on Gina’s advice and manages to persuade a reluctant Ben and Billy to let him in. Once inside, Jay finally has an honest conversation with Lexi.

A groggy Jay wakes at The Vic the following day, prompting George to become concerned over his negative influence on Gina.

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Unable to cope, Jay drinks himself into oblivion. When George finds drugs among his belongings, he kicks him out and Linda bars him.

Jay bumps into Keanu and the pair almost fight, unaware that Sharon is watching.

Jay is overcome with emotion while looking at Lola’s things, and Ben and Gina later find him unconscious on the sofa having taken more drugs.

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Billy is disgusted at Jay when he realises what’s happened, and he orders him out of their lives for good.

Heartbroken, Jay decides to drive to Margate, against a worried Gina’s wishes.

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Later, the police arrive at The Vic looking for Jay’s next-of-kin and explain that Jay has been in an accident.

Billy, Ben and Callum reel from the news that Jay has been in an accident but the police refuse to give them any details about whether he is alive as none of them are his next-of-kin. Will Jay be okay?

jay brown, ben mitchell, eastenders

Discussing Jay’s state of mind recently, Jamie Borthwick – who plays him – said: “He’s low, he’s hit rock bottom. He doesn’t know where to turn, which is why he’s resorted to taking drugs.

“It seems to be problem after problem for him, and it’s probably the lowest he’s ever felt.

“There is a connection with Gina, but other than that he is kind of on his own. Gina is there, but she has a warning from her own family not to get involved.”

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