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EastEnders fans fume over ‘missing’ Walford legend as Jay Brown left fighting for his life

Fans pointed out that he could have given Jay advice on dealing with a drug addiction

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EASTENDERS fans have been left confused and upset with one central character going missing as Jay Brown fights for his life in the hospital.

The grieving widower, played by Jamie Borthwick, spiralled out of control after losing his wife Lola.

Jay Brown is fighting for his life in the hospital in EastEnders

Jay Brown is fighting for his life in the hospital in EastEnders
He has been struggling since his wife died

He has been struggling since his wife diedCredit: Splash News/ISO
Fans are questioning why one crucial character wasn't at his sickbed

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Fans are questioning why one crucial character wasn’t at his sickbed

He fell into a vicious drug addiction to cope with the pain, but this had a negative effect on his family.

Jay was thrown out of his pal Gina’s home when her father George discovered he was using.

The dad was worried Jay would be a bad influence on Gina, who is in recovery.

Things went from bad to worse when Jay was forced to head home and confronted with his dead wife’s remains.

Ben and Gina found him passed out on the couch and feared he had overdosed ahead of a ceremony where family had planned to scatter Lola’s ashes.

When he came to the man ended up fighting with Billy over the urn, and Lola’s devastated daughter Lexi walked in to find her mum’s ashes spilled all over the floor.

Unable to cope with the guilt and grief, Jay ended up taking off and driving away while high.

Police later broke the news that he ended up in a horror crash, which left him in a coma.

Fans don’t understand why Phil Mitchell has been missing in Jay’s time of need, after calling the man his ‘adoptive son’.

One person took to social media to question the decision, querying: “Why isn’t Phil involved in the whole Jay storyline?”

Another wrote: “I’ve been thinking the exact same thing, it’s very very weird he wasn’t shown once talking about Jay at all.”

A third agreed: “That’s what I’ve been thinking too. If they don’t involve him after this accident then there’s something wrong with the script writers.”

And one viewer hit out: “Is Phil not worried about Jay? Where is Phil when Jay, Ben, and Billy are going through all of this? Surely he’d be able to offer support to Jay just as Gina is? As he’s had experience with drugs too?”

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